Research students withdrawal procedur

  1. Research students wishing to terminate their studies must notify the Authority for Research Students and the Tuition and Fees Unit.
  2. Research students giving notice of cancellation within one month of registering will not be charged tuition. Later withdrawal will be charged the full personal tuition, but no more than 3,431 NIS + additional payments.
  3. Students on an approved break will not be charged for the break period.
  4. Research students wishing to renew their studies after a break will be charged tuition fees in accordance with the academic decision regarding the renewal of their studies.
  5. Research students who apply to renew their studies after several years during which the research progressed without them having been registered, and whose studies will be retroactively renewed for a pertinent earlier year, will have to register retroactively and pay tuition fees for the previous year.

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