Tuition Structure

Tuition Rates:

The 2018/2019 academic year tuition fees are determined by the Council of Higher Education, using the CPI (Consumer Price Index) of July 2018.
Tuition fees will be updated throughout the year in accordance with the CPI.

As of June 2018, the updated tuition fee for 2018/19 is as follows

Tuition for Undergraduate Programs – 10,207 NIS. Tuition for non-Israeli citizens - 12,759 NIS        **These fees are for a full program of study – 100%

Tuition for all other programs – 13,794 NIS 
*Including non-Israeli citizens for t
hesis master's degree or doctorate                    
These fees are for a full program of study – 100%

Tuition for Non-Israeli citizens for all other degrees - 17,234 NIS 

Security charges – 550 NIS. This is a set fee, independent of scope, duration or type of studies.

National Student Union FeeAs of the coming academic year, BA and MA students will be required to pay 10 NIS to the National Student Union. Payment is mandatory and cannot be cancelled. For details about payment.

Welfare  and Student union fees: see link.

Language Studies:

English Studies

Cost of English as Foreign Language Courses Students studying English at Level 2 or 3 are required to pay an additional amount over and above tuition.
Level 3: In the 2018-2019 academic year the cost for a 6-hour semester course is NIS 1,564.
Level 2: In the 2018-2019 academic year the cost for a 4-hour semester course is NIS 1,042 .
Students required to take only Level 1 are exempt from paying for this course only during the standard number of years for completing a bachelor's degree.

Hebrew studies

Students (of any degree) in their first year of studies toward a degree at the University, who are required to study Hebrew language, are exempt from paying for this course.
Students not studying toward a degree are not eligible for the exemption from tuition for Hebrew language courses and will therefore be required to pay for them from their first year. Students from their second year and onward, who are still required to take a Hebrew language course, will be charged tuition for this course.

The cost of a Hebrew course (up to 4 hours) is NIS 1,042 and for a course of more than 4 hours is NIS 1,564. Each course will be charged separately.

Student that will study in the summer level 4 will through Rothberg School will get a refund in his tuition in his first year of studies. 

* Charges for English/Hebrew language courses will be collected only after students file their class schedule.

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